The Ducal Stables

Scuderie - foto aerea da ovestThe Dukes of Modena kept their mountain Stables in the then small village of Pavullo nel Frignano, on the Apennine mountain range. Pavullo is 40 km. South of Modena and 100 km. North of Lucca. The Ducal Stables later became part of the summer residence (Palazzo Ducale) that Francesco IV d’Este built in the early part of the 18th century. The Stables were located on the eastern edge of a large botanic garden that was put in place by German botanists, under the instructions of Francesco IV.. Next to the Stables are two other buildings. In front of the Ducal Stables is a red villa built together with the Ducal Stables and now used as a residence by the owners of the estate. In the back of the Stables is a yellow country house which has grown around a first settlement of the 16th century.

Scuderie - sala colonneThe Stables stand on an elevated position one km. from Palazzo Ducale, at an altitude of 800 meters. Around the Stables are green fields and ancient woods. There is no other building for a radius of 500 meters. At the Stables one finds himself immersed in a totally relaxed atmosphere and can appreciate a beautiful panorama that takes in a large part of the Northern Apennines and is dominated by Monte Cimone, the tallest mountain of the range.

Scuderie - sala colonneOver the years the Stables and the other two buildings became a badly run-down property. It took more than ten years of radical refurbishment for the total renovation of the three buildings to be completed in 2005. The estate incorporates 21st century comfort, decoration and technology but maintains the atmosphere and the simplicity of years long-gone. The Ducal Stables and the surrounding property can be used as an ideal prestige location for:

  • Meetings , company events, small conventions;
  • Family and social events;
  • Cultural events and exhibitions.